Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Persiapan Awal KPLR 2009.

Asalamualaikum untuk semua...Aku dah mula buat persiapan awal untuk ke HATYAI...rasa dah x sabar nak kayuh dan berjumpa dengan kawan2 semua..ramai lagi yang aku x pernah jumpa..cuma tengok gambaq kat blog je...aku dah mula kayuh pi Gunung dan kawasan berhampiran..Ramai dah kawan2 yg kayuh 100 km++...aku belum lagi, mungkin hujung minggu ni...mudah2an cuaca ok...hari ni jumpa BAD dan FARUL RCT...depa kayuh keliling gunung jerai 60KM ++bersama dgn abg LAN MOBIL dan SAIFUL MANJONG(Kayuh dari SP)100km++ kot....aku memang dah x sabar nak tunggu hujung minggu ni....Gerek aku dah tukar tyre sotong MAXXIS DETONATOR 1.25..ok kot...yang lain2 tu cuma persiapan diri aku je...aku cuma ada 16 hari lagi untuk buat persiapan sebaik mungkin...Hari2 kayuh dan jaga permakanan...semuga aku diberikan allah kesihatan.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Get the basic nailed for more comfortable and speedier miles every time you hit the trail.
With the sun shining and the trails parched and dusty,many mountain bikers are focusing on speed.you may find yourself asking,can i get fitter to get faster?Can i eat better to lose weight and go faster? Should i get a better bike to burn off my mates? However, the first thing to look at is your bike: most of us don't spend enought time setting up our bikes correctly to get the optimum position for speed. With a little time and understanding, you may be able to go faster without any hard training session or extra cost.
The most important factor is saddle positiion: if the saddle is too low, you won't be able to make full use of the power in your legs,and if the the saddle is too hight you'll feel your hips roll from side to side as your legs stretch too far at the bottom of each pedal stroke. The fore and aft position of the saddle is also very important to ensure effective use of your quadriceps and prevent any knee injuries.
Another common problem for riders is a stiff neck or shoulders-check your posture throughout your rides to make sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed to prevent unnecessary aches and pains,and keep yourself in the right position to unleash your speed potential.

Saddle height.

Sit on the bike with one of the pedals at 6 o'clock.Position your foot so it's parallel to the floor. In this position, your leg should be almost straight.

Saddle fore and aft

Sitting on the bike, position one foot forwards so the crank is parallel to the floor at 3 o'clock. Hold a length of string with a weight on the end at the front of your knee. The string should drop down in line with the pedal axle. Adjust if necessary.

Handlebar height

This depends on a number of factors such as suspension travel and the type of terrain, As a guide,, make sure the bars are, the more comfortable you'll seel but you'll lose that sense of being in a race position.

Handlebar reach

Make sure you can reach yhe bars with your arms slightly bent. If the bars are too close your back will not be in neutral and will become rounded. If the bars are far away, you'll have to work your core muscles to stay in position, which can lead to lower back pain.